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FFXIV Extreme Mode Primal Ifrit Guides

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For Final Fantasy XIV 2.1 patch, the most challenge part should be the Extreme Mode Primal Bosses. If you have taken down them, you are the top players, I suppose. If you did not, it is all right. You are not alone. Ifrit extreme mode is a check special for Healer and Tank. If you are a DPS, you should feel Titan Extreme would more horrible.

ffxiv extrem mode ifrit guide

Gear Requirements: iLvl 75. The higher the better.


Drops: item level 90 accessories. In Extreme primals, Garuda drops a ring, Titan drops earrings, Ifrit drops wrists. As a reward for completing the whole three, you can get a iLvl 90 weapon.


Limit Break Use: Large nail in the middle


Tank Guides: In the first Phase, the Boss would Debuff the Tank with lower EHP and higher damage suffer. It would be better if the two Tanks can swap when the other tank is debuffed.


Healer Guides: During Searing Wind, players running clock-wise. As the Ifrit would alternate which healer gets the debuff, Healers can exchange location from time to time. This time, Healer should keep a distance from other members.


Four Dashes: Not stand in between but run in clock wise.


Inferno Fatal: Chain two players with over time Fire damage.


Phase Three Big Nail: It would explode. You can use the Limit Break in this phase.


Eruption: Unlike the Hard Mode, the Eruption can not be stunned.


Hellfire: There is no time for you to think others. Just activate your damage reduction passive skills and self- healing skills.


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