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FF14: ARR Guide: Cutter's Cry Dungeon

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In Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, there are lots of challenging dungeons for gamers. Cutter’s Cry is one dungeons at level 38-40 located in The Central Thanalan, in The West of Black Brush Station. As a Player, you can talk with Sibold in Merchant Strip of Ul’dah-Steps of Thal and unlock the dungeon. There is a great deal of treasure coffers in Cutter’s Cry. So let’s explore in it.


You will encounter a variety of monsters and defeat three bosses in Cutter’s Cry. As you enter the dungeon, you will note these things:

Traps:  The traps will output great damage when you step on them.
Bombs: The Bombs can kill you as they will explode.
Cactuar: The monster can attack your party with the traditional 1000 needles.


Cutter's Cry Bosses:

Boss 1: Myrmidon Princess

The first boss in Cutter’s Cry is Myrmidon Princess. Its skills are the following:
Mandible Bite—A frontal cone AoE attack for the whole party.
Silence—A spell to silence at random party members for a short time.

When it has half life, it will use other skills to attack your party.

Myrmidon Marshal—It has Mandible Bite. With the most dangerous, it can damage all party members. It can also use the skill called Formic Pheromones to heal the princess.
Myrmidon Guard—The frontal AoE cone attack. It has Mandible Bite.
Myrmidon Soldier—The basic attack. With the least dangerous, it has Mandible Bite as well.


Bosses 2: Giant Tunnel Worm

FFXIV ARR Cutters Cry giant tummel worm
Giant Tunnel Worm is the second boss. There are its main skills:
Sandstorm—An instant frontal cone skill without cast bar.
Burrow— Dealing AoE damage to whoever is in the vicinity.
Sand Cyclone—A spell to target a random party member.

When the boss has 50% HP, it will use an additional burrow attack, Bottomless Desert to attack.
Bottomless Desert—a skill when it burrowed.

It is not difficult for your party to kill it. But when it is submerged, it is quite dangerous and all of members should avoid as soon as quickly. In addition, as it output the Bottomless desert, move out of the center.

The Final Boss: Chimera

FFXIV ARR Cutters Cry chimera blue
The final boss, Chimera, has three heads (a Lion head, a Ram head and a Dragon head). It has multiple skills. As long as you know how to deal with those skills, it will be easy to defeat it.
Lions Breath—The frontal cone AoE dealing fire damage outputted by the lion head.
Dragons Breath—A cone skill cast by the dragon head on the left area.
Rams Breath—A cone attack cast by the ram head on the right area.
Cacophony—A purple ball to a target.
Ram’s Keeper—An ice orb to target one random member.

In general, the tank class has to move left or right to sidestep its skills; Melee DPS should stand behind the boss to avoid the damage from Chimera. You can get a prompt form the color of Chimera’s eyes.

Blue Eyes—It will output Ram’s Voice, so stay away from it.
Violet Eyes—It will performing Dragons Breath; party members should stay beside it.
Eyes Target a Single member—It will cast a ball to attack his target; try to avoid the ball.

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