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FFXIV:ARR Lady of the Vortex Garuda Guide

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Lady of the Vortex is the Main Scenario Quest at level 44 in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. As an ffxiv player, you can talk to Vid accept the quest. And then you will speak with Alphinaud and enter the Howling Eye to defeat Garuda. In course of fighting against Garuda, you will form a party with four members: one tank, one Healer and two DPS. ffxiv Garuda


First of all, it is indispensable for you to know about the skills of Garuda in the game world.
ffxiv Garuda's skill 

In addition, the boss moves quickly. She can vanish and reappear on the edge of the map. So When she vanishes, the whole team should hide behind the stone to avoid the unnecessary damage.


Phase 1:
In Phase 1, the most important thing is to protect the stone pillars for all players in the battle, for the stone pillars can protect you from the damage of any AoE attacks Garuda does. Garuda can use the skill named Razor Plume to damage the stone Pillar. If you play a tank class, you’d better keep your back to the stone pillars in the back when Garuda flies into the sky. Meanwhile, DPS classes should remain behind the boss in fighting.


In the battle, Garuda will vanish and reappear:
The first time, she will land at the north end
The second, she will appear at the south
The third time, she will land in the center


Garuda will repeat her skills above three or four time. And then she will output Aerial Blast. Aerial Blast is bratal damage for you and your teammates. So you and your teammates should avoid the Aerial Blast damage. In order to survive Aerial Blast, you can hide behind the stone pillars.


Phase 2:
After Aerial Blast, Garuda continue to use the above skills to attack. In addition, she will act Mistral song, which is a one shot kill. At that time, the tank class should drag Garuda to one side of the arena so that other classes are not killed by Wicked Wheel.


Whatever classes you play in FFXIV: ARR, you should pay more attention to your position in the fight. Fight against Garuda and you will defeat her.

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