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A Guide to FFXIV The Binding Coil of Bahamut

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn lays emphasis on group fighting. There are varieties of dungeons in the game world for players to explore as a team. The Binding Coil of Bahamut is a dungeon at level 50 in ARR. It requires that players need to build a full party of 8 members: two tank classes (one of tanks must be a paladin), two healers (like Scholar and White Mage), and four DPS classes. All adventurers have reached level 50.

FF14 Binding Coil of Bahamu


The Binding Coils of Bahamut needs to be unlocked. As FFXIV players, you have to accept and complete the quest “A Relic Reborn. In the quest, you will kill three hard Bosses: Ifrit, Garuda and Titan. After completing the quest, you will unlock The Binding Coils of Bahamut.


The Binding Coil of Bahamut is composed of several mini-dungeons in FF14: ARR. It has five smaller turns. Every turn will have a Boss in the dungeons. You do not enter the next turn until defeat the prior turn. Moreover, your progress is saved through the week. Bind Coil progress resets every Monday and all forays will be lost.

ffxiv coil


Turn 1. Allagan Defense System (ADS) and Caduceus
ADS is a boss in Turn 1 with high Voltage. It can not be stunned but can be silenced in fights. ADS can damage and paralyze all adventurers. Players should dodge the damage from ADS. And it is better for you to kill ADS in four minutes before it outputs massive AoE damage to you and your members.

Caduceus can get a stacking debuff to add its damage, who will heal the amount of HP. When your party fights against Caduceus, it is suggestion that DPS classes avoid unnecessary damage. Your members can divide into two small groups and every group has one tank, one healer and two DPS.


Turn 2. ADS
You pay attention to the high Voltage of ADS.


Turn 3. Engine Room
There is no boss in Turn 3. You can choose some monsters to kill. However, you make sure that your members keep together all the time, for it is easy to jump puzzle.


Turn 4. Drive Cylinder
DPS classes can attack Knights and magical classes fight against Soldiers in Turn 4. The PLD remember that he or she have to put shied stance back on the Dreadnought spawns in time.


Turn 5. Twintania
There is the most difficult boss in Turn 5.  For more at FFXIV ARR Twintania Binding Coil of Bahamut Turn 5 Guides and Videos

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