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FF14 ARR Arcanist Guide

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In the previous FFXIV, there is not the class Arcanist. Arcanist is a new class to add in FFXIV ARR. If you intend to play the class, you need to know Arcanist.

The class Arcanist
As well all know, Arcanist, who comes from the Sea City Limsa Lominsa,  is one of three magic classes (Arcanist, Conjurer and Thaumaturge) in the game. In fact, the class is more complex than Conjurer and Thaumaturge. As he or she is not healer, Arcanist can use potion to heal. The ability to heal has to be got under a certain conditions. Meanwhile, like Thaumaturge, the class has DPS and can output some damage.

Arcanist's Actions:

Farming Crafting classes
Of course, Arcanist can farm crafting classes. The best crafting class of Arcanist is weaver, Alchemist as well as Botanist. Weaver is very necessary for Arcanist, for the equipment is cloth. Farming Alchemist is beneficial to repairing in the wild after fighting.


Summon a pet
Arcanist is able to summon a pet named Summon. The pet will fight against some of monsters aside its master. The jobs of Arcanist have two types. One is Scholar, who has a fairy pet. The other is Summonner with a pet named Egis. What you need to note is that the pet is unable to fight against monsters at high level.




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